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21 Point set in Leg Godt typeface designed by Felix Winter

Pia Volpino

Hi! I’m Pia Volpino, an Art Director in Creative Advertising and a Graphic Designer. I love to create polished and compelling visuals and I’ve had a lot of practice in generating solid, creative ideas for brands. The work I did in Solent represents my three passions: design, art, and advertising.

The En-lightened Type is a campaign that aims to encourage teenagers to get out of knife crime by making the streets safer for them, using a typography that lights up dark spaces. The idea responds to the D&AD brief for Key4Life, and luckily won a pencil!

Phonemo is an interactive website ( that allows users to play with letters. Each one represents an emotion through their visual and their phonetic sound and can be composed together to make different beats and images according to the feeling the user wants to express.

Finding Home is an entry for the RSA student competition, in which we were asked to make an animation for Roman Krzaic’s speech on sustainability, aiming to make the content more appealing to younger audiences.

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