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21 Point set in Leg Godt typeface designed by Felix Winter

Peter Rolf

From a very young age, I have expressed a strong passion for mapping, transport and information design, and I wanted to showcase my passions to the best of my ability throughout the final year of my graphic design course. I feel strongly that my hard work has prepared me well for future opportunities in my preferred specialist areas within the design industry.
Above: A graphical representation of railway timetables
My Final Major Project looked at how railway timetables can be designed in ways that look more visually appealing. Each journey is represented as a different coloured line, and corresponds to a departure time shown in the top right-hand corner.

RSA Student Award Home Sweet Home brief -  The Garden Bubble
For this brief, I came up with the concept of sustainable multigenerational communities where each generation of a family lived together but in separate houses next to one another. My main influences were garden cities and purpose-built retirement communities.
Metro Soton bus branding
A project intended to highlight the importance of public transport branding. For the final outcome, I designed a unified brand identity for the buses in the city of Southampton, which was informed by research about the city.

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