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21 Point set in Leg Godt typeface designed by Felix Winter

Oliwia Ogrodniczak

Introduction to Cyrillish + Cyrillish Glyph Type Specimen is a part of the Cyrillic re-introduction promotional campaign. This book introduces a way to write in English using the Cyrillic script and it comes with a free to download typeface.

These two spreads below come from “Introduction to Cyrillish + Cyrillish Glyph Type Specimen” and show the two typefaces created specifically for this campaign -Cyrillish Glyph and Cyrillish Lat Company in two fonts - regular and fat. Multiple posters were created to go as part of this campaign but these two are the key ones as the one on the right informs there is a way to write Cyrillic using English and the one on the left briefly introduces the symbols and hints at the “decoding” process.
Cyrillic re-introduction promotional campaign features Cyrillish & Cyrillish Glyph - a system and a typeface that allows anyone to write the Cyrillic script without the need to learn a new language. It’s aimed at university level graphic design students and it’s meant to raise awareness of what the Cyrillic script is while encouraging students to familiarise themselves with it and create more diverse portfolios.
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