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21 Point set in Leg Godt typeface designed by Felix Winter

Nicol Menga

Hello! My name is Nicol Menga, a passionate Graphic Designer and Digital Artist. My expertise focus on digital design but I like to experiment with different styles and techniques. My areas of interest are UX design, logos & branding, and motion graphics. Enjoy!

Top: Sneakers Circularity Foundation’s goal is to raise awareness of the circular economy and helping businesses improve their systems by implementing new techniques. Over the last five years, the sneaker industry has grown exponentially because of high demand. We got to do something, we got to #thinkcircular.       
Below: UX Guide for Designers “The Ultimate Guide To Optimise Online Shopping For Elderly” is a printed folded zine as well as a FREE downloadable PDF guide. The purpose is to help young designers understanding the basics of UX design and accessibility when it comes to design for an elderly-aged audience.

Self-branding project. The logo concept is based on the elegant architecture of Italy, using fine geometric lines, while the repetitive motif is inspired by my passion for high fashion brands. The ultramarine color represents the rarety, finesse, and sophistication of the brand.
︎ @neko_graphics

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