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21 Point set in Leg Godt typeface designed by Felix Winter

Megan White

1. Young Travellers is an app for children aged 6-10, it allows the user to travel between countries completing different mini games at each destination including colouring, dot to dot and puzzles. Allowing children to experience collecting stamps all around the world.

2. A poster designed for our final degree show, I designed my own pattern to reflect and represent some of my favourite designs I have created throughout the 3 years. I screen printed the final onto calico fabric.
3. A zine I created about the cameos featured in Disney films. This project allowed me to experiment with lino-cut, laser cutting, and printing on different paper stock, book binding. One of my favourite outcomes.

4. A re-designed book cover of Goodnight Mister Tom for the Penguin Book Competition. I took inspiration from packaging and ration books found in world war 1, experimenting with paper stock and letterpress.

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