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21 Point set in Leg Godt typeface designed by Felix Winter

Ma-Joie Poliquit

         This project is about helping parents who struggles to feed their kids healthy meals for their school lunch. I wanted to create a final outcome that will make vegetables and fruit intake easier for kids ageing from 5 years old and above. Heavily inspired from Japanese bento meals, this project helps parents to become more creative with food making. A tactic that many parents (including myself) have successfully use for many years.
Not only will this help reduce picky eating, it will also help parents to interact with their kids by giving them a-ray of options using the design element of cards. I wanted to combine both colourful illustration and the nature of Japa-nese bento boxes to create my final cookbook, Baon, which in Tagalog  (Philippines national language) Translates to lunch.

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