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21 Point set in Leg Godt typeface designed by Felix Winter

Kamil Czerwinski

My name is Kamil Czerwinski, I started working with graphic design four years ago. When I work with graphics, I strive to learn new platforms and techniques.I believe that it is good to be flexible with modern, digital solutions.Despite this, I do have an area that I want to follow closely, which is UI & UX Design.

Above: poster of a Jupiter keyboard for a Virtual Reality experience about synthesizer design and their legacy in music. This project required thorough research to create an accurate representation of each synthesizer.   
Below: Promotional banner for my animation 'Ecocity' for a Royal Society of Arts competition.  It is my conceptualization of how a new eco-friendly city could look like in the future, based on real architecture and concepts.

An example set of my UI design work for a game user interface study. It began with research for my studies, where later on I have formed it into a complete concept I could expand upon.
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