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21 Point set in Leg Godt typeface designed by Felix Winter

Anna Kraft

The project I have chosen to do deals with mental well-being. It is an animation that displays a character repressing their feelings to an extreme and the consequences as well as their solution. With this animation I want to guide anyone who is struggling with that issue and help them to get back on track. 

The animation starts with an unidentified person standing in front of a mirror and continuously telling themselves that everything is fine when it is not. I chose a simple style that is easy to comprehend.     
Between the images of the animation, I have added several title cards to help the viewer understand what the character of the animation is feeling. They display the characters thoughts throughout the story.

The character keeps bottling up their emotions which eventually leads them to drown in those emotions. However, just as they are about to give up a saving light leads them the way to understand how they can break free from their self-build prison.

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