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21 Point set in Leg Godt typeface designed by Felix Winter

Angela Pioquid

Hey! I’m Angela Marie, illustrator, and graphic designer. I would describe my work as fun, pleasant to the eye and easily understood. I don’t like to take life too seriously and I like to express that through the soft humour and the bright colours in my work.

1. Be Like Kyle Campaign - “for the love of likes”. I created this light-hearted meme-like character Kyle to connect with the new generation and to remind them that being yourself on social media is okay and that likes do not define you as a person.
2. Augmented Reality Album covers. This is an idea for the future of music. You scan the album cover on the poster using the app 'Artivive' and it will bring the cover to life as a small animation along with the artists music right on the spot.

3. Animal Illustrations
These simple animal illustrations with silly rhymes are quick pick-me up cards designed to put a smile on a friend or relative’s face.


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