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21 Point set in Leg Godt typeface designed by Felix Winter

Alisha Hutchinson

Hi, I am Alisha Hutchinson, a graphic designer from the Isle of Wight. I have a passion for creating editorial campaign materials and visual identities. I like to experiment with both traditional and digital mediums, something I used during my FMP ‘Surf To Feel’ campaign, creating my own lettering, to highlight positivity through surfing.

1        The ‘Surf To Feel’ campaign surfboard, was designed to encouraging people to try surfing. The words are from interviews with surfers, giving the campaign a personal feel. Using bright colours and bold lettering, helping to make the board eye-catching on a beach.
2        To highlight the ‘Surf To Feel’ campaign materials, the magazine shows the pop up surf events. The magazine, being event merchandise, also to promote further surf events. The lettering being versatile, to create an impactful visual.

3        I explored what makes a successful gin bottle in today’s market, for the Industry Research unit. The final outcome, inspired by research into label and packaging design and the location Freshwater Bay. Drawing inspiration from the ocean, creating a piece which captures the locality.
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